When is auto insurance required in Pennsylvania?

Next to a home, one of the biggest and most valuable assets that most people in the Reading, PA area will ever buy is a car. When you own a car, you are taking on a major investment and responsibility that needs to be properly covered by insurance. There are several situations in which having an auto insurance policy will actually be a requirement for you. 

Whenever you are on the Road

For those that are driving in the state of Pennsylvania, auto insurance is a basic requirement as soon as you get out on a public road. All drivers in the state are required by law to carry at least a minimum level of liability insurance. This will ensure you have coverage to pay restitution if you are found at fault in an accident. Comprehensive and Collision coverage is highly suggested.

When you Take out a Loan

Another situation in which you will likely need to have auto insurance is if you took out a loan to buy your car. When providing a loan, a lender will want to make sure that you have a full collision and comprehensive insurance policy. This will ensure that you have ample coverage for their collateral at all times. This type of coverage will give protection against a wide variety of possible risks and situations. 

Having auto insurance in the Berks County area is a great decision to make. When you are trying to get auto insurance for your car, you need to speak with the team at Berks County Insurance first. When you reach out to the team at Berks County Insurance in Reading, PA, you will be guaranteed great insight into your coverage options. It’s always nice to have a little help when it comes to assessing your personal situation and making sure that you are getting the coverage that you need.