Understanding Boat Insurance in Reading, PA

With over 330,000 registered boats, Pennsylvania is a favorite destination for boaters. Featuring several water bodies for carrying out boating activities, PA State provides limitless fun for water lovers. But as they say, you need to pay to play. Besides putting money in your boat investment, you need boat insurance to protect you and your boat while in the water. To that end, here is a rundown about boat insurance by Berks County Insurance of Reading, PA, to help you understand this coverage in detail. 

Is boat insurance mandatory in Pennsylvania? 

Like most states, the Keystone State doesn’t require boat insurance. However, if your boat is financed through a loan, your lender might require you to buy boat insurance all year though. But compliance isn’t the only motivator for you to buy boat insurance. Boat insurance helps lessen your financial burden when the unthinkable occurs.

Do I need boat insurance if I have home insurance?

While you may have home insurance, it not only provides limited coverage to your boat, but it doesn’t cover your liabilities and boat-specific damages. Home insurance may only come in handy if you have a tiny boat that you are not using outside your home precincts. 

What are the boat insurance add-ons to consider?

It’s highly critical to choose your boat insurance wisely. Boat insurance can prevent you from slumping into a financial mess following a boating accident. Depending on how you use your boat, you should consult with your insurance agent to ensure that you are well-covered.

Ultimately, here are boat insurance add-ons that you must include in your boat insurance, regardless of your boat size and lifestyle.

  • Liability coverage to safeguard you against third party claims
  • Comprehensive and collision coverages to protect your boat against physical damage or loss
  • Medical payments coverage to pay for medical expenses following a boating accident
  • Uninsured boater coverage to protect you against uninsured boaters

Now that you have a clue about boat insurance, it’s time to go ahead and purchase coverage from Berks County Insurance. Besides, if you have more questions about boat coverage, please contact or visit our Reading, PA offices today.