Home Insurance Options to Protect Your Valuables

Home owner’s insurance protects your home in the event of multiple forms of damage. This often includes break-ins. However, while the physical damage to your house is protected, the valuables stolen may not be. Due to this, it is important to look into the different home insurance options available for protecting your valuables. At Berks County Insurance, we are here to assist you with this, regardless of if you live in Reading, PA or the surrounding area. 

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage is very similar to renter’s insurance. You inform the insurance provider what you wish to insure and the particular items are added to the coverage. This can range from your electronic devices like a computer to power tools, jewelry, paintings, or really anything else you’d be interested in protecting. The cost of your personal property coverage is generally based on the estimated value of the items you have included. It is important for you to update your personal property coverage when bringing new valuables into the house. This way, the added items can be covered under your home insurance policy.

Dwelling Coverage

It’s always a good idea to look into how your insurance provider covers you. Some coverage may only protect natural causes and other non-man made damage. If this is the case, you may need to look into dwelling coverage. This protects your house and helps cover the cost of broken windows or damage to the doors. 

At Berks County Insurance, we are here to help assist you in finding the right kind of insurance coverage for you and your family. Whether you live in Reading, PA or one of the surrounding communities, we want to sit down and help you find the right coverage for your particular needs.