Is My Reading Property Fence Covered By My Homeowners Insurance?

The Reading, PA area is attracting a lot of new families thanks to its relatively low crime rate and cost of living. Berks County is filled with friendly neighborhoods and homes surrounded by a variety of fences. They say fences make for good neighbors, which can undoubtedly be true in Reading, PA.

Fences, however, can also cause a myriad of questions and concerns when it comes to homeowners insurance. Berks County Insurance serves the Reading, PA area and can answer your homeowners’ insurance questions, including those involving fencing.

Does Home Insurance cover My Fence?

Your fence is likely covered by the same calamities that your home is covered by. Fences are technically considered an outbuilding.

What Are The Circumstances When My Fence Would NOT Be Covered?

Your fence will not be covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy if it is not yours. It is a good idea to identify fence ownership when purchasing a property.

My Fence is Falling Down. Will my Homeowner’s Insurance Cover It?

Not if its condition is due to a lack of maintenance. It will likely not be covered if it is rotting due to a lack of care or an insect infestation.

If flooding Damages my Fence, Is It Covered?

Flood insurance is not generally part of a basic home insurance policy. Therefore, if your fence is damaged by flooding and you do not have separate flood insurance on your main structure, it will likely not be covered.

Berks County Insurance serves the Reading County area with a full line of personal insurance products, including homeowners insurance. Contact us for any questions regarding your insurance or a quote. We look forward to assisting you.