What Vehicles are Classified As RVs?

The sizes and types of recreational vehicles (RVs) are many.  These vehicles are grouped together in classes for insurance purposes, but even within a class, there are wide variations in the size and type of RV.  Berks County Insurance in the Reading, PA area can help you with your insurance for an RV because regardless of size or class, you will want to protect your investment from accidents.  

Class A RV’s are the largest type and can range from 26 to 45 feet in length and weigh from 13,000 to 30,000 pounds.  These RV’s are basically a home away from home on wheels which can include everything from separate bedrooms with king-size beds, to space under the RV to store a sports car.  They are however limited as to where they travel due to their size and hook up needs once parked.  

Class B RVs are more commonly known as camper vans and range from 17 to 23 feet and weigh between 4,000 and 9,000 pounds.  These are basic with a bed and some storage space, but can have bathrooms, dining areas, and sleep as many as six people.  

Class C RVs usually have the sleeping quarters over the cab and range from 20-30 feet.  These RVs are usually not big enough to tow anything behind them but can have pull-outs and separate bathrooms. 

Class A-C recreational vehicles are typically motorized and driven on the road without needing to be towed.  Travel trailers are another type of RV which are towed behind a truck or SUV.  These are good for campers who want to store the RV when it’s not in use.  Pop-up trailers are also towed behind a vehicle and range from 8-16 feet and can be as light as 700 pounds.  These lightweight campers fold into themselves for easy storage.  

No matter what type of RV you own, the agents at Berks County Insurance in the Reading, PA area can help you insure it against accidents.  Please visit our website to get started.