Your Most Valuable Asset Should Be Protected Too – Get Homeowners’ Insurance

Are you a homeowner in the Reading, PA area? Are you thinking about the purchase of a home? The professionals at Berks County Insurance can provide you with the insurance you need to protect your property.

Homeowners insurance coverage is vital as it protects the home and personal belongings of the homeowner. If the house is a total loss, insurance becomes the primary source of the rebuilding funds. It will also provide liability coverage for any legal action due to damage or injuries to another person on the homeowner’s property.

Homeowners’ insurance provides three major types of coverage:

  • It provides comprehensive coverage
  • It protects your equity
  • It protects you from lawsuits

A standard homeowners insurance policy will cover the repair or replacement of the home and contents in the event of damage. It includes damage resulting from theft, fire, smoke, vandalism, or damage due to a weather event such as hail, lightning, or wind.

The most important part of a homeowner’s policy is the level of coverage. The most common coverage level is HO2, a broad policy that will protect against 16 different events outlined in the policy.

Some damages are not covered by homeowners insurance.

  • Bird or rodent damage
  • General wear and tear
  • Hidden defects
  • Mold
  • Poor artistry
  • Rot or rust
  • Smog or smoke caused by industrial or agricultural operations
  • Termites and insect damage

Even those individuals who are fortunate to live mortgage-free need this protection. In the event of a lawsuit in which the homeowner is at fault, the security of their home is safe. As long as there is a mortgage on the property, it cannot be taken from the owner.

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