What Does RV Insurance Cover?

What Types of Vehicles Does Recreational Insurance Cover?

Recreational vehicle insurance covers every conceivable type of recreational vehicle although most people associate it with RVs. This blog from Berks County Insurance of Reading, PA explains the types of vehicles covered by recreational insurance to make it easier for you to find the coverage you need.

Rec insurance covers a wide range of vehicle types. Among these are:

  • boats,
  • fifth-wheelers,
  • motorcycles,
  • motorhomes of three classes,
  • personal watercraft.

Larger watercraft require marine insurance. A marine vessel of 26 feet in length or less can carry a recreational vehicle boat policy. Insurers consider a marine vessel of 27 feet in length or greater a yacht and this requires a yacht insurance policy.

You might be surprised then to find out that recreational vehicles have a minimum insurance requirement, just like autos do. Like your auto insurance, it protects you in case of an accident you cause and the liability from it. It also pays for damage or total loss of your vehicle.

RVs are the most common type of vehicle insured under these policies. You can insure a Class A, Class B or Class C vehicle. Class C vehicles include fifth wheelers. You’ll be able to get the same types of coverages as you would have with auto insurance.

Campers, fifth-wheels, and RVs can carry the following types of coverage:

  • bodily injury,
  • collision,
  • comprehensive,
  • limited property damage,
  • personal injury protection (PIP),
  • property damage liability,
  • property protection,
  • uninsured motorist.

Call or visit Berks County Insurance of Reading, PA to learn more about RV insurance. We can help you obtain the insurance you need for each of your recreational vehicles.