Can You Purchase Life Insurance After You’ve Been in an Accident?

Life insurance is a subject that many people want to avoid discussing unless absolutely necessary. Despite this fact, life insurance must be addressed because it’s essential to be prepared since no one can predict when or if you might pass away unexpectedly. If you’re a Reading, PA resident considering purchasing a life insurance policy, you’re behaving responsibly. However, you might wonder if it’s okay to purchase life insurance after an accident has already occurred. Here is an overview that can provide an answer.

What Was the Nature of the Accident?

While you can purchase life insurance at any time, purchasing insurance following an accident that eventually causes your death could cause problems with eligibility. Your beneficiary may be unable to collect any funds if it’s discovered that an accident that resulted in your eventual death happened before the policy was active. 

What Type of Life Insurance Are You Purchasing?

The type of life insurance policy you’re purchasing will determine whether your beneficiary can receive a payout for an accident that occurred before the origination of the policy. Some life insurance, like term life insurance, will make payouts regardless of the cause of death, so you should look into things before making a decision. 

It’s important always to be prepared and have adequate life insurance. If you’re looking to purchase a life insurance policy, we at Berks County Insurance can provide coverage for you. Whether you live in Reading, PA, or a nearby city, we can provide you with a quote and help you choose a policy that best suits your needs. We at Berks County Insurance cater to our customers, and we’re ready to do the same for you. Give us a call today.