Can Commercial Insurance Protect You from Personal Financial Loss?

Your commercial insurance doesn’t directly reimburse you for personal financial losses. However, by covering your business assets, commercial insurance prevents you from incurring substantial out-of-pocket expenses. For example, imagine that a pipe bursts and damages your inventory. Without insurance, you would have to pay for the cost out of pocket or by dipping into personal savings. Ask the agents at Berks County Insurance in Reading, PA for the type of commercial insurance you need to protect your business and prevent a substantial personal loss. 

How Commercial Insurance Protects Your Assets

You may be wondering what commercial insurance covers. It protects the physical aspects of your business and safeguards the future of your business. Every policy is unique, but some events are almost universally covered. This includes explosions, damage from aircraft, vandalism, theft, and vehicles. Some of these events are rare, but it’s a great relief to know that you aren’t responsible for the damages if they do.

Commonly covered items include:

  • Building
  • Inventory
  • Outdoor sign
  • The property of others
  • Furniture, fence, equipment, and landscaping
  • Property of others

When you start or continue to operate a business, there are enough things to worry about without risking your savings on unforeseen events. Your insurance agent can answer any concerns you might have and help you choose the right commercial insurance options. 

Contact Berks County Insurance in Reading, PA to set up an appointment or to purchase commercial insurance to protect your business assets and keep your personal wealth intact. There are many options available to tailor your commercial service to the needs of your business. Let us help you get protected.