Tips and Tricks for Motorcycle Safety in Reading, PA

Bikers, if you’re gearing up for thrilling rides along the scenic roads in and around Reading, PA – this guide is for you! 

This guide from Berks County Insurance provides an overview of tips and tricks for staying safer when riding in Reading. 

Tips and Tricks for Motorcycle Safety

Tip 1. Wear Protective Motorcycle Gear 

Wearing the proper protective equipment can make all the difference if you get in a motorcycle accident. 


  • DOT-approved Motorcycle Helmet 
  • Sturdy and Rip-Resistant Biker Jacket and Pants
  • Riding Gloves 
  • Motorcycle Boots 

Tip 2. Stay Visible

Cyclists and pedestrians can easily get lost in the flow of everyday and rush-hour traffic. Use your headlights (even in the daytime) and wear reflective safety gear to increase your visibility on the roads. 

Tip 3. Practice Defensive Driving 

Seasoned motorcycle riders understand that using defensive driving skills is necessary for staying safer on the road. Stay alert, anticipate hazards, and be prepared to react quickly to avoid becoming entangled in traffic accidents on your bike. 

Tip 4. Stay Sober 

Riding a motorcycle requires attention to detail, focus, coordination, and quick reflexes; as such, drivers should always remain sober and never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Tip 5. Get Motorcycle Insurance in Reading, PA

A trusted local motorcycle insurance expert can help you choose a comprehensive policy to protect your bike, passengers, and accessories when venturing out on long trips and local excursions. Talk to a knowledgeable and friendly agent to learn how to get full insurance coverage to protect your bike against theft, natural disasters, vandalism, and animal collisions. 

Contact a reliable insurance agent at Berks County Insurance to get a motorcycle insurance quote today!