Does Flood Insurance Cover Flooding From Busted Pipes?

Flood insurance is a government program that helps protect homeowners from damages to their home and property associated with a flooding incident. Sometimes, however, flood insurance terms and conditions may be confusing and leave the policyholder with questions about the limits of protection in certain instances. 

Flooding as a Result of Busted Pipes

Flood insurance is designed to protect a home from primarily flooding as a result of a natural disaster or regional issues. For floods occurring as a result of busted pipes, you need to file a claim on your home insurance policy. If you have questions about the limitations of flood insurance, you should consult with a licensed insurance agent to help avoid gaps in coverage resulting from misinformation and lack of understating regarding the fine print included with the flood insurance policy.

Get Complete Protection form Flooding and Water Damage

The best way to protect a home from water damage resulting from a natural disaster or even equipment failure is to work with an agent to get a complete blanket of insurance protection. They can offer insight and information that makes choosing the right policy easy and effective. Anyone who is currently interested in purchasing flood insurance for the Reading, PA area, can count on Berks County Insurance to guide them through the entire process and even help with filing claims in the future. 

Get the right type of insurance coverage to prepare for any mishaps or flooding events with the help of Berks County Insurance, serving Reading, PA. Call or stop by today to speak with an agent and start protecting your home and property.