Is there a difference between street-bike motorcycle insurance and off-road bike insurance?

When getting motorcycle insurance or renewing a policy be sure to discuss with your insurance agent the type of motorcycle that you have and your intended use of it. This can significantly impact the kind of insurance coverage that you need.

Insurance for Different Motorcycle Types

There are policy differences when insuring a street bike that will only be used on the roads and insuring a motorcycle that can be ridden on the streets as well as off-road. If you make any custom modifications to your motorcycle there may be a need to adjust your motorcycle insurance coverage as well to increase the figure used for the replacement costs.

If you are considering buying a new motorcycle, work with your agent at Berks County Insurance, serving Reading PA and the surrounding area, to get some comparative quotes so you can know the cost of the motorcycle insurance for different models.

Ask Your Agent to Explain Exclusions

Exclusions are things that are not covered in your motorcycle insurance policy. For example, if you have a street motorcycle that can also be used for off-road excursions you should talk with your insurance agent before you use it in this way.

Some policies might have exclusions for activities that are considered sports, which may include off-road motorcycle use. Also, be sure to check with your agent if you plan to enter any motorcycle-riding competition, even if only for fun. It is important to know the limitations under your insurance policy before engaging in activities that may not be covered.

Authorized Drivers

Most policies allow for occasional drivers; however, you still should check with your insurance agent if you plan to allow another person to drive your motorcycle. You need to understand if when to add them to your policy.

When it comes to motorcycle insurance, how you use your bike and who can use it are important considerations. Contact your agent at Berks County Insurance in Reading, PA by calling or stopping by. You can also use the convenient online form to get a quote.