Getting Your Motorbike Ready for Fall

Motorbikes need special maintenance to transition from season to season. At Berks County Insurance, we want you to enjoy your rides around Reading, PA. That means keeping your motorcycle in top condition.

Transitioning from summer to fall riding takes a little maintenance to keep the bike running well. This process prepares you for those chillier rides before you put it up for winter.

During summer, you probably rode your bike in sandy or muddy conditions. It very likely picked up some dirt and debris. It needs you to wash it. Dirt and grime can damage your motorbike because they can enter the wheel wells, engine, gears, and seat.

Check the tires. Measure tread depth. Check the PSI of both tires. Examine both for foreign objects. Replace any worn tire.

Change the oil. Summer’s heat combined with frequent riding saps your oil. It probably became rather dirty, too. Fresh oil provides you with a better ride from your bike.

Ride the bike until the gas tank is near empty. Once it’s nearly emptied, top it up with the best available gasoline, then add a fuel additive/cleaner product.

Check the battery. Examine the leads for corrosion. Measure the battery’s charge and use a trickle-charger to charge it fully.

You’ll repeat many of the items you check when you get ready to put your bike up for the winter. Doing them at the end of the summer season prepares you for more enjoyable fall rides.

Let Berks County Insurance help you with your motorbike insurance, too. We serve those in Reading, PA with the insurance they need to remain secure on the roads of Pennsylvania.