What does motorcycle insurance cover?

Selecting a formidable insurance policy in Reading, PA is much like choosing the right motorcycle. Unluckily, most motorcycle owners view insurance as a recurring expense. However, when involved in a crash, they realize how vital motorcycle insurance and the add-on can be. At Berks County Insurance, we offer various motorcycle coverage options to ensure that Reading, PA riders get well protected from imminent covered perils.

Is motorcycle insurance mandatory in Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania demands that all motorcycle operators maintain minimum liability coverage. Pennsylvania minimum liability requirements are meant to cater to bodily injury and property damage.

Motorcycle insurance policy options in Pennsylvania

The best part of motorcycle insurance is that it comes with versatile options. The flexibility makes it convenient, affordable, and customizable to suit multiple needs. Below are some motorcycle insurance coverages to consider.

Collision policy: It covers damage to your motorcycle that emanates from a collision with another object, including a car, tree, or building.

Comprehensive policy: Covers non-collision damage to your motorcycle propagated by perils like falling objects, vandalism, and theft.

Un-insured or under-insured motorist bodily injury policy: If you get in an accident with your motorcycle and the uninsured or underinsured driver is deemed liable, this policy caters to your injuries and other passengers as well.

Medical payments policy: It helps cover reasonable and essential medical costs such as X-rays and ambulance rides that happen to you and your passengers boarding your motorcycle.

Towing and labor policy: This policy reimburses you for towing and associated labor costs if your bike breaks down or you get involved in an accident.

Coverage for customized motorcycle parts: Comprehensive and collision policies cover the standard factory parts of your bike. If you decide to add any optional accessories like chrome parts and custom paintwork, this is the ultimate type of policy to procure.

Would you like to safeguard yourself and your motorcycle in Reading, PA with the right motorcycle insurance? Don’t look beyond Berks County Insurance. Call or visit us today and our agents will help you to get outstanding motorcycle insurance.