Motorcycle Insurance: What Does it Cover?

Just like cars, motorcycles that are registered in Pennsylvania and operated on roads in that state need to be properly insured. But if you’re not sure what kind of policy you need, then it’s important to work with a knowledgeable agent who can help you. If you’re in the Reading, PA area, Berks County Insurance can give you the information you need to get a quality policy that fits your situation and protects you on the road. Then you can enjoy spending time on your motorcycle when the days are warm and sunny and experience the miles of roads that can lead to adventures all over the state. Whether you stay close to home or you’re planning a road trip, having proper motorcycle insurance is important.

Typically, insurance on a motorcycle covers the basics such as accidents whether it’s just your motorcycle or there’s another vehicle involved. Your passenger may be protected by your policy, as well. You can also get coverage for things like fire and theft protection, and collision insurance to cover damage done to your motorcycle if you’re in an at-fault accident, a single-vehicle accident, or involved in a collision with someone who’s not properly insured. Not all of those coverage types are required if you own your motorcycle, but they may be necessary if it’s financed. The basic coverage, though, is necessary even if you don’t have a lienholder on your bike.

Ready to get a motorcycle insurance policy, or see if you should make changes to the one you already have? Contact us at Berks County Insurance today. We want all our Reading, PA area customers to have quality insurance options that help them feel safe and protected. Even if you’re not sure whether your policy needs updating, we’re happy to answer your questions so you can make an informed decision. Then you’ll have a quality policy you can be happy with and feel good about.