How to prepare your home for winter to reduce home insurance policy claims

As residents of Reading, PA know all too well, the winter months can be extremely tough weather-wise. Homeowners must take specific steps to mitigate the damage caused by the harsh winter weather. By following these crucial steps, homeowners can dramatically reduce the likelihood they will need to file a claim under their homeowners’ insurance policy. 

Freezing pipes are one of the leading causes of damage to homes during the winter. 

As winter approaches, be sure to drain and disconnect all hoses. In addition, you should insulate any pipes that are in unheated spaces such as the crawl space, garage, and attic if you plan on being away for an extended period before to let water drip from the faucet to prevent freezing. 

Another leading cause of damage to a home in the winter is hail. It is crucial to have your roof inspected before each winter and have any damage repaired. Also, after a hail storm, you will want to check your roof for any damage. If you find damage, be sure to file a claim as soon as possible. If you have questions about the claims process, reach out to Berks County Insurance. 

Wind damage can also cause havoc on your home during the winter. To mitigate potential damage, have your trees trimmed, and have any dead branches removed. Any patio furniture should be secured, and any light objects should be stored inside for the winter. 

Ice dams can also cause significant roof damage and water damage inside your home. Ice dams occur when the snow melts and refreezes in the gutters and expands. Proper insulation in the attic is one way to prevent ice dams. Also, have your gutters cleaned before winter. 

If you live in the Reading, PA area and would like to learn more about homeowners insurance, reach out to an agent at Berks County Insurance today.