Protect Your Boat Today

Boating season around Reading, PA brings the opportunity to get away from work and have some fun on the water. You’ll want to consider your boating insurance for the new season as you make plans. Your insurance needs may have changed, or your policy may have had changes in its ability to cover your boat from damage or accident. Here at Berks County Insurance, we’d like to sit down with you and discuss your boat insurance needs. We’ll ask some questions, listen to your concerns, and provide immediate access to a variety of insurance providers right there in our office. You’ll be able to compare them with your present policy and decide what kind of insurance will work best for you.

Boating insurance can prove crucial if anything goes wrong. Just like with your car, there can be several costs involved when there’s an accident or another incident. Emergency assistance on the waterways is much the same as when your car breaks down. Theft and damages need to be covered. Insurance that covers both the insured and any uninsured is important. Then there are such considerations as medical coverage for you and the occupants of your boat, liability, fuel-spill liability, and coverage for personal effects and unattached boating equipment like life vests, etc. It may make your head spin to think you have to figure all of this out on your own. The fact is, you don’t. At Berks County Insurance,  we can pull up all the latest policies from nationally recognized and reputable providers. You can stay with your current policy or sign up for a new one immediately. When you hit the waterways around Reading, PA, you’ll have the confidence that a fully updated insurance can provide.