How can Umbrella Insurance Protect You?

Umbrella insurance is coverage that anyone can get to help protect them when they need extra insurance coverage. There are several ways that umbrella insurance can protect you. Talk to your local insurance agents to get a better understanding of umbrella coverage. In Reading, PA, the agents at Berks County Insurance are experts that will give you information and help guide you through your umbrella policy.

What does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Umbrella insurance provides coverage if you have injuries, property damage, lawsuits, or other incidents. Any of the following liability protections have a limit in your regular policy. Umbrella gives you coverage over that limit.

  • Property Damage Liability – can cover you if you cause damage to someone’s property. For example, if you caused an auto accident, your dog causes damage to your neighbor’s fence, or if your child destroys property at school. Once your coverage amount has been met, your umbrella insurance would protect you beyond that coverage.

  • Bodily Injury Liability – is coverage for you if you cause injury to a person. It can be useful if someone receives a injury from a car accident you caused. You could be responsible for any monetary cost that occurs as a result of the accident if it was deemed to be your fault.

  • Landlord Liability Insurance – if an individual sues you because they fell on your property, umbrella insurance could help you if the cost of the individual’s lawsuit goes beyond your standard insurance policy limits.

What You Can Do

Anyone can get umbrella insurance if they feel they need more coverage than their standard policy will allow. Talk with the independent agents in Reading, PA at Berks County Insurance to discuss getting the right amount of umbrella insurance for your needs.