Do You Need Riders on Your Renters Insurance?

A rider is essentially an addition that you can make to your insurance policy. When it comes to renters insurance, you likely have general coverage for your belongings as well as general liability. (If someone breaks into your home and steals everything in your apartment, you can file a claim to replace what was lost. If someone slips and falls, you can file a claim to cover the costs of their injuries.)

A rider provides additional coverage based on your personal preferences and lifestyle choices. Keep the following facts and tips in mind from Berks County Insurance if you’re hoping to get more peace of mind from your policy.  

What Kinds of Riders Are There?

There are a wide array of riders for renters, but you may not have access to all of them. Not every insurance company offers every type of protection. Some of the more popular riders include pet damage and identity theft riders. In case your dog rips up the floor or hacker in another country ransoms your documents, you won’t have to swallow the costs to fix the situation. You can also get a scheduled property rider, which will cover your more expensive items (e.g., diamond jewelry, etc.) in case they’re lost or stolen.

Do I Need a Rider?

Riders are rarely ever necessary. Your complex in Reading, PA may require a certain amount of coverage in order to rent an apartment, but other than that, you don’t technically need a rider. Still, it may be smart to get one anyway, especially considering just how complicated one unexpected event can be. If you live in Reading, PA, call Berks County Insurance to learn more about what riders are available, and how you can use them to bring more security to your life.