Boxing/MMA Insurance? Yes, There’s A Policy For That!

At Berks County Insurance in Reading, PA,  we understand the importance of having boxing/MMA insurance. We are also cognizant of the immense sense of responsibility of the athlete to take out this type of insurance. It is to be respected. We strive to make every aspect of the process easy and clear for all parties involved. 

Before The First Round

Before you get into the ring, consider the liability you may incur as a result of either your profession or your hobby in Boxing /MMA. It’s great that you have a sport or profession that you enjoy but the responsible thing to do is protect yourself and your family before you enter the ring. 

Most people are familiar with boxing which, generally stated, is a punching competition between two opponents. MMA is a newer past time and is the acronym for Mixed Martial Arts. Generally, MMA includes kicking, punching, slapping, tripping, and just about anything that you can imagine one opponent can do to another opponent. 

  • Have you considered the property damage that may come about if you damage property inadvertently during a match?
  • Consider the liability if someone who is viewing your match or fight is hurt
  • Consider the injury to yourself 
  • Consider the injury to your opponent

Be certain to take care of business before you throw the first punch. Both of these sports are potentially dangerous, and it is crucial that you protect yourself from liability. Once insured, you can have more enjoyment because you do not have to worry about what might happen. 

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