Should I Tell My Insurance Provider I Made Upgrades?

So, you just made a few vehicle upgrades recently. Perhaps you added in a new stereo system, or you went all out for new rims and running gear. Whatever you have decided to do, you probably invested good money in making your vehicle more your own. All of that is great, but now you’re faced with the question of whether or not you should tell your insurance provider about the upgrades. There are pros and cons to each. At Berks County Insurance, the team is on hand to help you decide what to do while living in and around Reading, PA.

Increased Value of Your Vehicle

The new upgrades to your vehicle likely increased the value of your vehicle. This means if you tell your insurance provider about the upgrades, you’ll probably pay a higher monthly premium. The difference will not be much, but you more than likely will see an increase. 

Protect Your Investment

While your monthly premium may go up, so too does your protection. This way, if your rims are ever stolen, the new radio ripped out, or you’re involved in an accident, the insurance coverage will pay for these upgrades. If you don’t let your insurance provider know about the upgrades, they will not know about the improvements and, because of this, not be able to cover the upgrades. Due to this, you’ll be left paying for the upgrades all over again. 

After upgrading your vehicle, while living around Reading, PA, you will be faced with the decision of letting your insurance provider know. At Berks County Insurance, a team member is standing by to help you with all of your automotive insurance questions and concerns, including whether you should update your auto insurance information.