When Do I Need Commercial Insurance?

Every business needs at least one vehicle to carry out routine operations. The logistical processes that include deliveries and employee’s general movement may be difficult to accomplish without a car. As long as such vehicles are useful in running business operations, they should be suitable for commercial insurance coverage. 

It’s easy to get confused about the application of commercial insurance. This is more so because most small enterprises use their cars that have personal auto coverage for business processes. So, do you need commercial auto insurance?   

Why Is Commercial Auto Insurance Important? 

In case of unforeseen accidents, injuries, and liabilities caused by a personal car while undertaking business processes, your auto coverage may not be useful. This is why commercial auto insurance is critical. Our commercial auto insurance plan at Berks County Insurance covers your car and employees against any physical damages and injuries caused while on the line of duty. 

Instances where you need commercial auto insurance include:

In Case Transport of Goods and Services is Part of your Business

This is where you either transport goods or people at a fee. 

In case You Conduct a Service with Your Vehicle 

Individuals or businesses that use their cars to provide specific services within Reading PA should also consider opting for commercial coverage. 

If Employees Use the Car Often 

Your auto cover extends as far as your immediate family. If any of your staff uses a specific car for movement or other business processes, you should consider commercial auto insurance. 

Safeguard Your Family, Business, and Employees Today 

The best thing to do when you have a car used for personal and commercial activities would be to consider commercial auto insurance. At Berks County Insurance, we tailor-make our commercial auto insurance for our customers in Reading, PA, to suit their specific needs. 

Are you looking for a reliable insurance company? At Berks County Insurance, we offer auto, home, commercial, life, and renters insurance to keep you safe and confident. Contact us today.