What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

When you own a business in Reading, PA, it can be mind-boggling just how many different types of coverage you need for a single company. Business, professional liability, general liability, commercial insurance, property insurance, the list goes on and on. So let’s try to simplify it a bit. When you call Berks County Insurance for a commercial policy, what are you buying?

A basic commercial insurance policy is going to cover three things: Property, liability and workers’ comp. A commercial insurance could cover more, or less, if you don’t have employees, or if your company doesn’t really have a fixed address. But generally, commercial insurance is going to cover one or all of these things.

Liability can be a tricky one. You may not think that you need it since you’re just running a small startup out of your garage, but consider this: If someone injures themselves while delivering a new laptop to your address, and they see that, after having put all of your savings into the business, you have just a few thousand in the bank, but your business has a half million in holdings, how do you think their lawyer is going to strategize with that information? They’re going to try to build a case that their client was injured on your business’s property, not on your private property.

The sooner you get a commercial policy set up through Berks County Insurance, the better. You may wind up needing additional policies like professional liability and so on, but your commercial insurance is generally going to be the foundation of your company’s insurance plan, ensuring that all the basic risks are covered.