Get to Know your Flood Maps and Flood Insurance in Reading, PA

The Reading Flood of July 2015

It’s the middle of summer with a hot streak in the local weather. However, a big thunderhead comes through town on the 31st, and for 45 minutes it seems like a scene out of Noah’s Flood. The heavens opened up, and buckets of water came pouring down. Before anyone could figure out what was going on, Berks County was inundated with flash flooding, property damage, cars submerged, and overwhelmed drainage systems. Minutes after the worst of it, fire crews were pushing their way through lakes to get to emergencies and rescuing people trapped. This was Reading, PA; when has there been a flood in the middle of a hot summer and as far away from winter as one could get?

The fact is, flood risk happens at any time of year. The weather can line up to deliver a massive rain punch concentrated in a specific area at any time. In the case of Reading in 2015, that’s what happened. And lots of businesses and homes suddenly had to deal with not just floodwaters, but all the moisture and water damage was caused to the structures, their internal systems, furniture, and more. It was a classic lesson for anyone in the area that two things matter when it comes to floods: knowing the maps of where the water will go, and having insurance when it does happen because floods will happen.

Because the folks at Berks County Insurance have long-term memories from their years of handling risk, we are well equipped to help folks in Reading, PA get the right coverage for flood risk. There’s no need to be taking chances waiting for the next big storm to roll in. Berks County Insurance can help secure the right flood insurance coverage, so you’re well protected before you’re caught with wet feet. 

Reach out to our agents for more information on flood insurance and how you can start a policy.