Common Commercial Insurance Exclusions

Your commercial insurance is superb in protecting your business against numerous risks, including liability claims, employee injuries, fire, and theft, among other perils listed in your policy. While business insurance is excellent, it’s not entirely perfect — it has limitations and exclusions. While it’s important to know what your commercial insurance covers, it’s equally pivotal to understand what it doesn’t cover. Berks County Insurance of Reading, PA sheds light on common commercial insurance exclusions to help you understand the riders or add-ons you need to buy to boost your standard coverage.
Flood damage

Although floods are common in Pennsylvania, typical business insurance doesn’t cover the damage. You need to purchase stand-alone flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or private carriers to get flood damage protection. Flood insurance covers your premises plus the contents inside.


Just like floods, typical business insurance doesn’t cover damage from earthquakes. So, if you live in a high-risk earthquake zone, don’t forget to invest in an endorsement that protects your business from earth movements.

Equipment breakdown

Your property insurance won’t cover mechanical failures and other breakdowns for the equipment used to run your operations. Similarly, normal wear and tear of your equipment aren’t covered by typical commercial insurance.

Personal vehicles used for commercial purposes

Have you converted your car for commercial use? Your commercial insurance won’t cover damages and injuries arising from such incidences.

Intentional acts

This exclusion is obvious, but we will still say it because it happens. Your insurer will void any claim of damage caused intentionally. For instance, publishing something about someone when you clearly know that the information is false.

Breach of contract

Liability claims emanating from dishonored contracts are likely to be ignored by your insurer. Similarly, executing another person’s idea amounts to a breach of contract, and you won’t be compensated for any liability claims when sued.

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Coverage Oddities: Strange Things Covered By Homeowners Policies

When you think of homeowners insurance the first thing that comes to mind is insurance that covers the physical structure and surrounding area as well as liability coverage. However, there are some strange things, to say the least, that are also covered by homeowners insurance:

Dog bites

It is estimated that about one-third of homeowner claims are due to dog bites. If you own a dog and your dog bites someone, you are covered under your homeowner’s liability insurance if you are sued.

Falling motors and space debris

You read correctly. In the unlikely event that your home is hit by falling debris, it is covered by your homeowners’ insurance. It’s happened before. This coverage also applies to your vehicles.

Accidents that happen when you are not at home

If you are on a trip or perhaps on vacation and your property is stolen, your homeowner’s insurance will pay for it. If you accidentally injure another person, your homeowner’s insurance will also pay for it, even if it happens outside your home.

Damage from planes and cars

If a plane crashes into your house or a car veers off the road onto your property and into your house, your homeowners’ insurance will pay for the damage.

Damage caused by explosions, riots, or bombs

Leaky gas pipes can cause an explosion in your home. And, while not always likely, a riot may break out in your neighborhood. In such a case, your homeowners’ insurance will pay for the damages.

Floods and earthquakes

With climate change, these factors have become a reality for many homeowners. In the event that your home is damaged by a flood or earthquake, your homeowners’ insurance will pay for the damage.

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What Should You Know About Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is the type of insurance for tenants – people who rent a home. Renters insurance is important because it protects the personal belongings of tenants and tenants themselves. If you are renting an apartment or house, and you are thinking of getting renters insurance, Berks County Insurance serving Reading, PA and other surrounding areas prepared a list of things you should know about this type of insurance:

What Should You Know About Renters Insurance?

  • A typical renters insurance policy covers the following: personal property (clothing, furniture, electronics, etc.), liability (pays out if you are responsible for injuries to other people or their property), additional living expenses (if your home becomes uninhabitable for some reason, and you have to stay temporarily somewhere else, your renter’s insurance will pay for it), and medical bills (it covers medical expenses of other people who got injured in your home). 
  • Renters insurance has certain limitations and does not cover everything. For example, it does not cover bed bugs and pests, flood damage and earthquakes, car theft or damage, property and personal belongings of your roommates (unless they are listed on your policy). 
  • There are certain factors affecting the cost of renters insurance. They are personal property coverage (reimbursement of personal belongings), liability coverage, additional living expenses coverage, and the deductible amount (the amount your first have to pay before your insurance starts covering). 

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If you are thinking of renting a property in Reading, PA or any other nearby town, and you are looking for a trustworthy insurance company to purchase renters insurance, Berks County Insurance is the insurance agency you can trust. Feel free to call it and talk to one of the insurance agents, who will answer all your questions and help you find a perfect insurance policy. 

Pennsylvania Boxing and MMA Insurance: Add-Ons To Your General Liability Coverage

If you are running MMC tournaments and events, you will not be able to do this without event insurance. To start, you will need general liability coverage. You may also want to consider getting add-ons to your insurance to protect you from additional liabilities.

At Berks County Insurance, we help Reading, PA MMA administrators and managers get the best coverage they need. Learn more about how to design the most comprehensive policy for your liability insurance.

General Liability Insurance 

Your general liability insurance will protect you, the staff, volunteers, and promoters, against any claim of bodily injury liability. You might also be protected from property damage liability. 

This is coverage against death or injury of any people attending or participating in the event.

In most cases, this coverage has caps. If you feel that insurance isn’t enough, you can always add more coverage.

Excess Medical Coverage for MMA Events

To add to your existing MMA general liability coverage, you may add coverage limits to your accident medical insurance and accidental death insurance for the fighters themselves. Excess medical coverage would be available after general liability coverage caps are met.

You may also be adding bouts and fighters to your event lineup. For that, you will also need additional coverage.

Additional coverage you may consider purchasing is additional travel coverage, travel interruption coverage, and transportation to and from the home or place of residence for MMA policyholders.

These add-ons would cover expenses that are not already covered by other insurance policies excluding the general liabilities policy.

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4 Advantages of RV Insurance

In today’s world, you don’t need a brick-and-mortar house to have a place to call home. Most people are turning to recreational vehicles (RVs) to enjoy both the convenience of a home and the luxury to explore the country. Although RVs are fun, you shouldn’t forget about one thing: RV insurance. 

When you purchase RV insurance from Berks County Insurance of Reading, PA, you will enjoy the below advantages.

Liability protection

Whereas you might be a careful driver, mishaps can still happen on the road. And when you are deemed responsible for an accident, you could face bodily injury, property damage, and legal costs from third parties. Fortunately, liability coverage in your RV insurance ensures that you don’t incur out-of-pocket expenses.

Asset protection

RVs are expensive — some cost as much as your home. Since your RV is a significant investment, it makes sense to secure it with RV insurance. RV insurance repairs your RV if it suffers physical damage following an accident. Besides, it can replace your RV when totaled. 

Compliance with the law

Just like auto insurance, RV insurance is mandatory in Pennsylvania. You need to include at least liability and medical payments coverages in your RV insurance to avoid penalties and fines for non-compliance. 

Peace of mind

Roads are full of all kinds of risky drivers — teenagers, speeding, uninsured, and drunk drivers. But instead of worrying about the behavior of other drivers, RV insurance makes you relaxed, knowing that you are covered even when others aren’t careful on the road. 

By you having RV insurance, it doesn’t mean you let your guard down when it comes to being a responsible driver. Of course, you will do your part of being watchful and keeping your eye on the road all the time.

Buy RV insurance in Reading, PA

RV insurance ensures you are fully protected wherever your treasured RV takes you. To get coverage, all you need is to contact Berks County Insurance for an affordable quote. 

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

Selecting a formidable insurance policy in Reading, PA is much like choosing the right motorcycle. Unluckily, most motorcycle owners view insurance as a recurring expense. However, when involved in a crash, they realize how vital motorcycle insurance and the add-on can be. At Berks County Insurance, we offer various motorcycle coverage options to ensure that Reading, PA riders get well protected from imminent covered perils.

Is motorcycle insurance mandatory in Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania demands that all motorcycle operators maintain minimum liability coverage. Pennsylvania minimum liability requirements are meant to cater to bodily injury and property damage.

Motorcycle insurance policy options in Pennsylvania

The best part of motorcycle insurance is that it comes with versatile options. The flexibility makes it convenient, affordable, and customizable to suit multiple needs. Below are some motorcycle insurance coverages to consider.

Collision policy: It covers damage to your motorcycle that emanates from a collision with another object, including a car, tree, or building.

Comprehensive policy: Covers non-collision damage to your motorcycle propagated by perils like falling objects, vandalism, and theft.

Un-insured or under-insured motorist bodily injury policy: If you get in an accident with your motorcycle and the uninsured or underinsured driver is deemed liable, this policy caters to your injuries and other passengers as well.

Medical payments policy: It helps cover reasonable and essential medical costs such as X-rays and ambulance rides that happen to you and your passengers boarding your motorcycle.

Towing and labor policy: This policy reimburses you for towing and associated labor costs if your bike breaks down or you get involved in an accident.

Coverage for customized motorcycle parts: Comprehensive and collision policies cover the standard factory parts of your bike. If you decide to add any optional accessories like chrome parts and custom paintwork, this is the ultimate type of policy to procure.

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Understanding Boat Insurance in Reading, PA

With over 330,000 registered boats, Pennsylvania is a favorite destination for boaters. Featuring several water bodies for carrying out boating activities, PA State provides limitless fun for water lovers. But as they say, you need to pay to play. Besides putting money in your boat investment, you need boat insurance to protect you and your boat while in the water. To that end, here is a rundown about boat insurance by Berks County Insurance of Reading, PA, to help you understand this coverage in detail. 

Is boat insurance mandatory in Pennsylvania? 

Like most states, the Keystone State doesn’t require boat insurance. However, if your boat is financed through a loan, your lender might require you to buy boat insurance all year though. But compliance isn’t the only motivator for you to buy boat insurance. Boat insurance helps lessen your financial burden when the unthinkable occurs.

Do I need boat insurance if I have home insurance?

While you may have home insurance, it not only provides limited coverage to your boat, but it doesn’t cover your liabilities and boat-specific damages. Home insurance may only come in handy if you have a tiny boat that you are not using outside your home precincts. 

What are the boat insurance add-ons to consider?

It’s highly critical to choose your boat insurance wisely. Boat insurance can prevent you from slumping into a financial mess following a boating accident. Depending on how you use your boat, you should consult with your insurance agent to ensure that you are well-covered.

Ultimately, here are boat insurance add-ons that you must include in your boat insurance, regardless of your boat size and lifestyle.

  • Liability coverage to safeguard you against third party claims
  • Comprehensive and collision coverages to protect your boat against physical damage or loss
  • Medical payments coverage to pay for medical expenses following a boating accident
  • Uninsured boater coverage to protect you against uninsured boaters

Now that you have a clue about boat insurance, it’s time to go ahead and purchase coverage from Berks County Insurance. Besides, if you have more questions about boat coverage, please contact or visit our Reading, PA offices today. 

Why does someone need to have umbrella insurance?

Those that are in the Reading, PA area will have various liability risks. The best way that these risks can be mitigated is by getting the right insurance plan. One form of insurance that all people should consider getting is umbrella insurance. There are a few reasons why someone here will need to have an umbrella insurance plan. 

Coverage Protects Against Major Claims

A lot of people in this state are going to have some liability insurance protection through their existing home or auto insurance plans. However, there is always a chance that claims could exceed policy limits that are set. If this happens during an accident that you are responsible for, you will still need to pay for damages that exceed your policy. If you also have an umbrella insurance plan, it will provide you with additional coverage on top of your base plans. 

Protection for More Situations

An umbrella plan is also ideal as it will provide coverage for additional situations. Home and auto insurance plans do not provide liability coverage for every personal scenario that could result in a personal liability claim. When you have an umbrella liability insurance plan in place, you are going to receive coverage for a wider range of situations that could lead to a liability claim. 

As you are looking for a new umbrella insurance plan in the Reading, PA area, it would be helpful to speak with the team at Berks County Insurance. There are a lot of important choices that need to be made when picking an umbrella plan and Berks County Insurance can make it easier for you. The team here will help you properly assess your insurance needs and build a plan that will give you proper liability protection and peace of mind. 

Do I need flood insurance in Reading?

The Reading, PA area can be a great place to purchase a home. Those that are in this area of the state and are property owners do need to make sure that they properly cover and protect their home with insurance. For some people, this includes getting a flood insurance plan. There are a few reasons why someone may need to get flood insurance in this area of the state.

Flood Damage is a Risk and Concern

A key reason to get flood insurance when you are in Pennsylvania is that you are concerned about flood damage. Depending on where you are located in town, there could be a recurring risk that rising rivers and floodwaters could affect your property. If you do not have ample coverage for this risk through your base home insurance plan, you will need to get an additional flood insurance policy to protect your home.

Flood Insurance is Required

You may also need a flood insurance plan if it is a requirement for you. A lot of people that are in this area of the state will finance their home purchase with a mortgage. If you have taken out a mortgage it will be very important for you to follow your lender’s insurance requirements. In many cases, this will include having you obtain flood insurance. If your home is in a high-risk flood zone, the bank will undoubtedly require you to get coverage. 

When you are shopping for a new flood insurance plan in the Reading, PA area, it would be smart to call Berks County Insurance. The team with Berks County Insurance will help you to know if a flood insurance plan is a good option for you. If it is, they can help you build a plan based on your personal needs. 

What type of life insurance should I get?

There are a lot of insurance needs that the average person in Reading, PA will need to evaluate. One important form of insurance to get is life insurance, which will give coverage to a dependant if you were to pass away during the policy term. As you are looking for life insurance there are a lot of options that need to be considered. The two most common options continue to be term and whole life insurance coverage. You should carefully consider the advantages of each option when picking a plan.

Term Life Coverage

A very common form of life insurance to get is term life coverage. This coverage is an ideal option for many as the premiums are more affordable than other options and it can be curtailed to meet your needs. You will be able to build a flexible policy in terms of coverage term and the amount of life insurance protection you provide.

Whole Life Coverage

A whole life insurance plan is also a good idea for many. With a whole life plan, you can get coverage for the rest of your life if you keep making payments on time. As an added benefit, some of your monthly payments will go into an investment fund that grows with interest. At some time in the future, you can liquidate this account, which can make it a good addition to a personal investment plan. 

Picking the right life insurance plan in Reading, PA is a big decision. As you are looking for your next plan, it would be helpful to call Berks County Insurance. The team with Berks County Insurance understands how necessary this coverage is. They can then help you carefully evaluate your option and pick a plan that is right for you and your situation.