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At Berks County Insurance in Reading, PA, we make purchasing insurance easy for our clients. In this regard, a good insurance policy does not need to be complicated. Being an independent insurance agency with our customer’s interests in mind, we provide coverage that is suited for you as a resident of Pennsylvania.

We pride ourselves for being identified as a leading source for quality, reliable insurance policies in Berks County and the surrounding areas. We want to welcome you to learn more about Berks County Insurance Agency’s philosophy and services, but we also offer a substantial wealth of educational resources concerning insurance policies in Pennsylvania. Our variety of coverage include:

MMA/Boxing Insurance

Having been the leader in the Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts insurance market for a significant number of years, we are the right choice for you. This unique policy comes in two packages: General Liability Insurance Coverage and Participant Accident Insurance Coverage. You can contact us for more information about the policy.

Auto Coverage

It is more than likely that you own a car. However, if you are moving to Pennsylvania or a new driver, you will soon be required to contact a local insurance agent to assist you in transferring your auto policy or starting a new one. It is important to have the appropriate auto insurance coverage to avoid your car getting impounded after a traffic stop.

Home Insurance

Your home is the center of your everyday life, and likely your most treasured asset. Berks County Insurance is here to assist you in securing a suitable home insurance policy. We customize our services with utmost quality and reliability in a manner that is friendly to our clients.

Life Insurance

At any point in life, it is sufficiently comforting to have a life insurance policy to help your partner in the event of your death. In addition to providing a lifetime of benefits for survivors, life insurance provides a financial benefit to your children after your death by choosing them as beneficiaries. Berks County Insurance in Reading, PA provides a detailed life insurance policy guaranteed to meet your needs.

Commercial Insurance

You should not have to worry about your commercial venture being compromised. Commercial insurance is responsible for worker’s compensation and employer’s liability. A policy can also protect your inventory and your structure.

Contact Berks County Insurance in Reading, PA to learn more regarding the varied types of insurance coverage. Our agents can assist you in finding a policy and obtaining a quote. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance from your computer.